Welcome to the Chippewa Rifle Club Website.


The Chippewa Rifle Club was formed in 1954. The club was started as a center fire benchrest club and was never intended to be anything else. This is how it remains today. The club was incorporated as a Rifle Club and the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the township zoning prohibit anything other than rifles. Rifled shotguns are still shotguns and are prohibited from being on the property as well as pistols. In addition to our 2 classes of benchrest matches, we also have Groundhog matches at 2 different yardages, and Score matches at 2 different yardages also for people who do not want to compete in benchrest. The club matches are open to the public for a fee which includes use of the range, the appropriate match target, and subsequent target measurement. See the Club Match schedule listed elsewhere on this website for dates and times.

We don’t require members to sign up for workdays. However, we do encourage you to volunteer to help with the range clean-up days and with the Registered Matches each year.

We are accepting new members at this time if you can or want to follow the Club Rules. Contact Bob Abbott, Sec. for information.