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Safety orientation at the range is required prior to receiving your membership card. Orientations are generally done at the time of a club match. Please call for alternate arrangements if needed.


  1. A Switch match is one in which each class shoots five targets at their respective distances, 100 yards in Score Class and 200 yards for Heavy Varmint Class, and then “switches” to the other class distance, Score Class to 200 yards and Heavy Varmint Class to 100 yards. Club trophies will be awarded for score only in Hunter Class.
  2. You must fire at least 5 regular distance matches and 3 alternate distance matches in either Heavy Varmint or Hunter to qualify for season average and/or aggregate trophies. ( HV: 5 matches at 200 yds. and 3 at 100 yds. HTR: 5 at 100 yds. and 3 at 200 yds.)
  3. Hunter Class Rifle Rules: Total gun weight not to exceed 10 lbs. with sights. Caliber must be 6 mm or larger. Case capacity is a minimum of 45.5 grains of water. Magazine must hold two or more rounds. Maximum scope power is 6X. Stock forearm width a maximum of 2.25 inches. Unaltered factory guns can be used providing they have a 2 round magazine capacity if bolt action. Hunter Class shooters fire from the bench at 100 yards at a 6-bull target. One bull is for as many sighters as needed and the other 5 bulls allow only one shot on each for score. There will be time to reload between targets. Varmint Hunter rifles are of this same configuration except the minimum case restriction is eliminated. VFS guns must fit light or heavy group gun specification.
  4. Heavy Varmint Rules: Total gun weight not to exceed 13.5 lbs. with sights. Any scope power and any caliber is OK. There will be time to reload between targets. Heavy Varmint Class Shooters fire from the bench at 200 yards on standard 200-yard benchrest target utilizing a sighter bull and a 5 shot group bull. All the sighters you want but only 5 in the group bull.
  5. Groundhog Rules: Factory class: Any production rifle in its original stock with original barrel and action. Any caliber within range rules is legal. Any power scope or iron sights are legal. No flat bottom benchrest stocks are allowed. Aftermarket triggers may be installed including Jewel, Kelbly, or Rifle Basics. Guns that do not qualify in this class are 40X, Cooper, Kimber and other limited production, semi-custom guns. Custom class: This class includes any rifle, any action, any caliber (within range rules), any trigger, and any sight. No flat bottom benchrest stocks are allowed. Awards: There will be three matches at 100 yards and three matches at 200 yards. Awards for each class will be awarded after each match. A year-end aggregate will be based upon the total of the best two matches at each yardage. There will be one award for each class based on the best year end aggregate in each class. Targets: Targets will be the same groundhog targets as last year.
  6. Score Matches: Classes will be Varmint for Score (VFS), Varmint Hunter (VH), and Hunter (H).