Schedule & Match Rules

Matches Starting May 1

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Don’t forget the Range Clean Up  day, Saturday April 23.


New Postal Match rules

May 28, 2020

We are now ready for the Ground Hog Postal matches.  We have installed two wooden boxes near the red range box  which will house the unshot and the shot targets. (pictures below). There are instructions on the boxes.   The first match is 100 yard and scheduled  May 31.

You will have a week before and week after the match schedule to shoot your targets and put them in the scoring box.  Please put your name, caliber,date and class on each of the five targets.  This is on the honor system that you will not use flags and follow the time table of 7 minutes per target.


This year the heavy varmint and score matches will be shot on the same days. We will shoot the 200 yard segment of the 100/200 yard varmint matches first.   The score matches will shoot 100 yards first.


  1. Heavy Varmint Rules: Total gun weight not to exceed 13.5 lbs. with sights. Any scope power and any caliber is OK. There will be time to reload between targets. Heavy Varmint Class Shooters fire from the bench at 100&200 yards on standard benchrest targets utilizing a sighter bull and a 5 shot group bull. All the sighters you want but only 5 in the group bull.
  2. You must fire at least 5 regular distance matches and 3 alternate distance matches in Heavy Varmint to qualify for season average and/or aggregate trophies. ( HV: 5 matches at 200 yds. and 3 at 100 yds.) Awards will be given for small group at both 100 and 200 yards as well as for best single agg. at 100 and 200 yards. These last awards will be given out regardless of number of matches shot.
  3. 6X Class Rifle Rules: Either an IBS or NBRSA ruled hunter rifle will be allowed. An IBS varmint hunter rifle will be allowed. Total gun weight not to exceed 10 lbs. with sights. Caliber is not restricted. All actions must have a magazine cut out custom or factory. A follower or block may be installed. Maximum scope power is 6X. Variable power scopes must be set at 6X. Stock forearm width a maximum of 2.25 inches. Unaltered factory guns can be used providing they are repeaters if it is a bolt action. Factory rifles do not fall into the weight and stock width dimensions. A rebarreled rifle must meet stock and weight restrictions. 6X shooters fire from the bench at 100&200 yards at a 6-bull target. One bull is for as many sighters as needed and the other 5 bulls allow only one shot on each for score. There will be time to reload between targets. VFS guns must fit light or heavy group gun specification. Trophies to be awarded for top gun for best (3) scores at 100 yards & best (2) scores at 200 yards. Targets will be standard NBRSA/IBS score targets.
  4. Varmint for Score rules: Equipment will be the same as heavy varmint. VFS will shoot USBR caliber neutral targets @ 100 yards in (4) six shot matches. A standard NBRSA/IBS 200 score target will be utilized. Trophies to be awarded for top gun for best (3) scores at 100 yards & best (2) scores at 200 yards
  5. Score Matches: Classes will be Varmint for Score (VFS) & 6X.   The 100/200 yard 6X and 200 yard VFS will consist of (5)five shot matches. The 100 VFS will be (4) six shot matches with an X counting as an 11.
  6. Groundhog Rules: Factory class: Any production rifle in its original stock with original barrel and action. Any caliber within range rules is legal. Any power scope or iron sights are legal. No flat bottom benchrest stocks are allowed. Aftermarket triggers may be installed including Jewel, Kelbly, or Rifle Basics. Guns that do not qualify in this class are 40X, Cooper, Kimber and other limited production, semi-custom guns. Custom class: This class includes any rifle, any action, any caliber (within range rules), any trigger, and any sight. No flat bottom benchrest stocks are allowed. Awards: There will be 4 matches at 100 yards and 4 matches at 200 yards. Scoring will be the best 2 out of 4 for the 100 and 2 out of 4 for the 200 yards added together.  There will be one award for each class based on the best year end aggregate in each class. Targets: Targets will be the same groundhog targets as last year.
  7. All shooters 18 years old and younger will shoot for free. Non members pay $10 per match.

Additional Information for the New Member

Overlapping yardages:

Benches 1 – 6 and the prone mound – 200 and 300 yards

Benches 7 – 18 – 200 yards

Benches 19 and 20 – 200 and 100 yards

Benches 21 – 40 – 100 yards

New Range, Benches A – H 50 yards and 100 yards. .22 cal. rimfire and all other calibers that are approved for use at the Chippewa Rifle Club  can be shot on this range. This is the only place at the Chippewa Rifle Club where .22 cal. rimfire is allowed to be shot at the 100 yard distance.

Make sure you are aligned bench to target. Your bench number must be the same as your target frame number.

Work days:
We do not require you to sign up for work days or to work the registered matches. However, we would appreciate you volunteering to help with these events.

You may bring a guest once or twice. If he/she likes the range, we would hope he/she would join after visiting the range. Your membership is a family membership including you, your spouse, and any children living in the household up until they reach their 22nd birthday at no extra charge.